Central Coast Quarter Horse  

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October 2018 Show

AEI and Tamburlaine "A" Show

A huge thank you to our support volunteers. Without these people our club would not be able to function

Tania Heapy, Keren Linton, Roz Forsyth, John Forsyth, Bruce Hegan, Helen Nixon and Tracy Foster worked hard to bring a smoothly run event to our local club members. It was a very rainy day and the turn out of members was not large but a fun day was had by those that did attend.  To our Judge Fiona Kay thank you for being there for us.

Our prizes were amazing and we need to give a massive thank you to John and Roz Forsyth of Australian Equine Institute (AEI) for joining with Tamburlaine Wines to bring prizes to our members that are not often seen at any other shows.

October  2017 Show

We are soooooo lucky.....

We had a great turn out of helps for our October "Mitavite Show" 

Visit our Show Roundup page for more details

August 2017 Show

Our wonderful helpers!!
Firstly a big thank you to our Judge and Apprentice Judges - Joanne Gregory for being our head judge. Robyn Smith, Leanne Somerville, Fiona Kay and Tara Goring our apprentice judges - we enjoyed having you all.

Our wonderful Gate Keeper and Keeper of the records - Robyn Dwight. Robyn is a huge support to the club and members, always offering help and assistance where ever she can.

Stewards / Ribbons - The lovely Tania Heapy who does not have a horse but comes to support and help our club in her own time for no payment. A wonder spirit and lovely lady to have around. Dave, thanks for getting Tania to the shows to help, I know she loves to watch the horses with you. Sarah Lambourne - Sarah is a club member with 2 beautiful horses. She came to the show to learn more about the show from the judges prospective. In volunteering to do stewards duty Sarah believes she learnt a lot that she can now use when riding. Thanks Sarah.

Committee Members - Our new club Secretary - Helen Nixon did a great job in taming the beast that is Nominate. Our first show up using this system was going to be a trial. Helen managed with true style having everything organised and prepared. Thank you. To all our other committee members - everyone knows who they are - again what a team effort. We as a club are lucky to have such a talented and reliable team to help our members. Please remember that ever person at our shows are volunteers and are not paid for their time so please give them the respect and support they deserve as they are there for YOU.

Members - it was not a huge turn out but we again see the members that turn up and support their club by just being there. Without entries to our shows we would not be able to cover costs and therefore a show would not be possible. To the members that turn up to every show, enjoy themselves and have a few laughs at each other and themselves - you are what make the club grow and prosper. You will build a strong and enduring club that you can enjoy the company of others, compete, learn, share and simply have fun. Welcome to our new members that this was their first show - may you come and enjoy many more - WELCOME.

December Show - Our wonderful helpers!!

First a big thank you to our judges. Main arena was Joanne Gregory with Don Northey out at the trail. Conditions at the trail for Don were a little wild after lunch when we lost the sun shade but he pushed on. Without these dedicated people we would not have our shows. It is an enormous task and we are lucky to have them.

Out at the trail course we were also lucky to have the assistance of Mr Blair Nixon was our steward. Blair kindly offered his assistance and was quickly put to work. It is so much appreciated by the committee members that others are so willing to come forward to assist with the club. This is what will make the club strong and be able to keep functioning. Thank you Blair.

Our wonderful committee member Robyn Dwight was out in force again keeping us on our toes and making sure things were running as smoothly as possible. Robyn was tireless in her endevours covering many tasks - Steward to main arena in the morning, ribbon and price handling in the afternoon. A big day for your Robyn and we could not do without you!

We were also lucky enough to have our wonder volunteer Tania Heapy come back again to assist. This time Tania was put to work in the main arena in the afternoon. Tania brightens everyones day with her warn welcome and assistance. Tania is a big asset to the club being a person that comes out to help and does not even have a horse. Your community spirit is amazing and much appreciated.

In the office we had our new volunteer Libby Gore - what an organiser.... a bit shell shocked at first but quick to get it all under control FAST! Libby also shows her own horse but was wonderful enough to select a task that could fit in with her showing. This is such a help. Thanks LIbby  :)

Of course we also have our committee family members Anthea & Jarrod Arnol who prepared all the bookwork for the pre entries and also helped out in the office and Jarrod as gate keeper.... these two work to better the club at every opportunity.

We also cant forget our behind the scene workers in Roz & John Forsyth, Roz organised the wonderful Will Hupp clinic on the Saturday before the show and what a great turnout with the clinic being  sold out. Supporting our trainers and clinicians is so important for our region. John manages our sponsors and at the December show Roz & Johns business Australian Equine Institute
was our main sponsor with Mitavite the prizes were fantastic.
President Bruce doing his duty as Ribbon Handler..... cheeky Sandy!!
Tania and Robyn all smiles.... thanks ladies!

October Show.

The Committee of the CCQHA would like to thank our wonderful new Volunteer Tania Heapy. Tania managed to stay out of the way of our photographer at our October show. Helping out with the stewarding of the Trail.

Tania let us know that she was available to assist with the show via the website volunteer page. It is with much thanks that Tania has given up her time to come and assist with various show tasks. This makes it possible for  committee members to get a chance to ride. However we will be working on Tania that maybe one day she would like to show also.

Volunteers and members of the club that give that effort make our shows all the better for everyone involved and extends a welcome to the club to new members that is warm, friendly and inviting.

We thank all that assist especially our hard working committee members.

New Trail Gate...

Thanks to Chris Witheridge for getting the ball rolling with our new and freshly painted trail gate. Love the club colours being used. This one will be easier to get out on the course!

Thanks Chris.

Anthea & Jarrod Arnol - great work with paperwork, filing and all the thankless tasks

John Forsyth - coordinator of sponsorship. Members are taking ideas to John which is fantasic. Sponsors are what make our club - great prizes and also extra knowledge in the industry for food, equipment etc for our horses.

Roz Forsyth - organising the coffee wagon so we have coffee on showday... cant be without it. Arranging our wonderful new Club shirts and jackets soon we will have a page up so that these can be ordered.

Robyn Dwight - organising the flowers to decorate our trail patterns and being able to look after our visiting judges. This is a huge saving for the club.

Thereisa Witheridge - so getting us on top of the new rules.

Joanne Gregory - so much help to us all with getting our rules, paperwork and industry details together.

Bruce Hegan - Arranging ribbons and buckles for the new season.

The list goes on and on......