Central Coast Quarter Horse  

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Look at the map and see which stables are available. Email to club address admin@ccqha.com.au with the stable number you want to book. Payment is to be made directly to the clubs bank account, details of this are on the bottom of each website page. When making payments to the bank for stables please ensure you ad Stables requested on the day will be one that  have NOT been prebooked. You must go to the office BEFORE you put your horse in a stable to check which stable is available.

$15 for the day / Stable
$30 for the day and overnight - this would mean Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday - 3pm-overnight-to end of show on Sunday

Each extra night is additional $15 / stable

If you want a double internal stable to use the internal one as tack room only it is an additional $5/day.

Stables can have bedding left in them as long as placed up against the walls and ALL waste has been removed to leave the stable clean and tidy. Bedding is NOT provided. Lights in stables are NOT left on at night. No access to the arena  at night.