Central Coast Quarter Horse  

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Photos courtesy of Judy Hicks from JH Photography 



23rd August                          Open Ride Day at Somersby Paddock

13th September                    A Show  at Il Cadore

27th September                    Clinic at Somersby Paddock (TBC)

11th October                         A Show  at Il Cadore

6th December                       A Show at Il Cadore


16th & 17th January             Clinic at Somersby Paddock (TBC)

14th February                       A Show at Il Cadore

Download the A Show Program 2019 - 2020



Reining, WR, RR



Please note - dates are subject to change depending on AQHA approval, venue availability and other aspects of show scheduling. We will keep members updated through the website and Facebook of any changes. 

Entries for CCQHA shows are done via Nominate. The club program for the season including pricing is available on Nominate

If anyone has any issue  when using Nominate and need assistance please EMAIL the club admin@ccqha.com.au and someone will get back to you asap. 

If you are entering on the day, you can print the entry from and bring it with you to the show. Please note late fees will apply. 

CLUB General Forms

You will need latest Adobe Reader in order to complete these forms on your phone, computer or tablet. Make it your default reader, as some PDF readers will open them ONLY as a normal PDF that needs to be printed, filled in and scanned to email or will not be able to read them. If you use Adobe you will be able to fill out the forms and email back without printing.

Download Adobe DC Here


CCQHA Membership Form

CCQHA Waiver Form

Member Back Numbers


AQHA Rule Book

AQHA Policies

CCQHA Constitution

CCQHA Code of Conduct

Play by the rules # 1

Play by the rules #2

Play by the Rules #3


CCQHA 'A' Show Program

CCQHA Show Entry Form

CCQHA Show Rules

CCQHA Bank Account Details

If you have ANY issues with downloads, filling out forms or how to get them to us  please contact us via email so that we can assist you.

email : admin@ccqha.com.au

2019 - 2020 CLUB PRICING
Classes: Open $10 - Adult $8 - Youth $5

Other Costs: Office charge $10 - Day Membership $20 - Late Fee (on the day of show entry) $10 per entry.


$15 for the day / Stable
$30 for the day and overnight - this would mean Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday - 3pm-overnight-to end of show on Sunday

Each extra night is additional $15 / stable

If you want a double internal stable to use the internal one as tack room only it is an additional $5/day.

To book a stable and / or camping please complete the booking form and email along with payment confirmation to admin@ccqha.com.au  and cc: Tonya.turner@bigpond.com.au. Stabling and camping to be paid direct to Central Coast Quarter Horse Incorporated BSB: 062318 ACC: 10445667.

Stables can have bedding left in them as long as placed up against the walls and ALL waste has been removed in order to leave the stable clean and tidy. Someone has to use the stable after you so please be considerate. Payment for stables is to use them only and not for someone to clean them for you. It will fall on another club member to clean so that we do not have issues with the site owners so PLEASE clean well before you leave. Thank you.

Look at the stable map and see which stables are available. Email to club address  -  admin@ccqha.com.au - with the stable number you want to book. Payment is to be made directly to the clubs bank account, details of this are on the bottom of each website page. When making payments to the bank for stables please ensure you ad Stables requested on the day will be one that  have NOT been prebooked. You must go to the office BEFORE you put your horse in a stable to check which stable is available.

Bedding is NOT provided. Lights in stables are NOT left on at night. No access to the arena  at night.

Your back number is allocated to your horse and is to be used for ALL shows, ALL Seasons. Click on the link below to check out your number for your horse.
If you have lost your number you are able to use preprinted numbers but please ensure it is the correct number FOR YOUR HORSE before you use it. If you print out a new number and it is incorrect to what the club has issued and is in the system you will miss out on points. Check your numbers on our BACK NUMBER page.

We are unable to change numbers once the judge has placed a class and signed the forms. It is not until later that the error would be known and at that stage unfortunately it is to late.
We recommend that you print out and laminate a few copies of your back number.